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DOG RULES Flat Non-Embossed Novelty Number Plate

dix-ds-017-Flat non-embossed


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DOG RULES is a flat non-embossed Aussie size novelty number plate.

Wording is:
If it’s edible, it’s mine
If it’s chewable, it’s mine
If I want it, it’s mine
If I can take it, it’s mine
Once I put it in my mouth, it’s mine
If you put it down, it’s mine
If I put it down, it’s still mine
If I chew it up, all the pieces are mine
If I get tired of it, you can have it
If I want it back, it’s mine

Size approx: 37 x 13 cm and is made from high quality aluminium and the artwork applied by a dye sublimation process with a lovely gloss finish.

One great advantage these plates have over traditional plates, is that owing to the absence of embossed border, and being just under 1 mm thick, these are quite flexible and will flex about 10 cm from the centre, so can be mounted on curved surfaces.

Has two mounting holes.

There are two types availabe:

  • Flat non-embossed. 
  • Flat with a pressed out embossed edge (which will cost a little extra)

Please select your preference from the drop down menu.


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